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our associates

Welcome to BRD Corporate Family - an ever ready group
When somebody attempts to make a statement on a company's past future strategies, there is every chance that it may turn out to be an over statement. I am truly caught in such a perplexed situation as I uncap my pen to jot down a few lines for your kind reading. Exercising great amount of caution I shall narrate in as many few words as possible, our story. BRD Group of Companies was started off in the year 1993.
BRD is “ Be ready ”
The Leader of the BRD Group, Shri.C.C.William Verghese, is ably assisted by 23 dedicated Directors, directly involving the daily activities for the accomplishment of the corporate goal of BRD Family.The committed work force, for Business, Research and Development and the unstinted support and guidance from M/S. Piaggio is the added strength.

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